Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is design for human nature.

We feel best and are most healthy in environments that mimic the geometry of the natural world – the world of trees, mountains, hills, sky and earth. Buildings, too, can be biophilic by being nature-like. Biophilic design has positive effects on human well-being by reducing stress and allowing us to be our whole selves.


Biophilic design can be applied in home-interiors, offices, houses, blocks, or cities, and includes techniques such as incorporating plants and ecosystems, providing views of natural scenery, promoting awareness of natural day-night patterns, and working with natural and ornamented materials.

freiburg street and flowers

In a biophilic design approach, we listen not only to the knowledge of science, but the wisdom of our hearts. By engaging in an intimate process with ourselves and the environment, we can learn more fully who we are. Then, slowly, carefully, we can create places that nourish us deeply, so that we can be more fully human. This is a deeply personal process. It means looking inward, connecting to the outer world, and finding our way to dialog with the environment.

old man in hamburg park

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